Around Matsalu Bay there are several birdwatching towers. The best of these are the Haeska tower and the Keemu tower. Especially the tower in Haeska offers good opportunities to watch birds during a large part of the year. In spring thousands of swans and geese can be seen from this tower. Another good site to see birds, mainly geese and waders, is the coast near Põgari-Sassi. Here you can see the birds from the main road near the big farmbuildings. At Rannajõe there is a watching platform where you have a good view over the socalled alluvial meadows. This is one of the few places where you can expect to see Elk during dusk and dawn. Sometimes more than 10 animals can be seen from the platform.

Places in a greater distance worth visiting are Põõsaspea neem (Cape) near Spithami, where large numbers of migrating ducks and divers can be seen, and sites on the island of Saaremaa such as Sääre peninsula at the southernmost point of the island and Undva at the northwest point of Saaremaa. This last place is a place where you can have the luck of seeing a good flock of Steller's Eider.

Information about the population of Estonian birds is published in a recent paper in Hirundo. This can be downloaded at the "links" section.

Also the most recent paper with all accepted reports of rare birds in Estonia can be downloaded there.