Matsalu Bay

Fifty years of protection

The Matsalu Nature Reserve was founded in 1957, mainly because of the very rich birdlife. It is an important area for migrating birds on their journey from the breeding grounds to their wintering quarters or vice versa. It is also important as a breeding area for several bird species. Since 2004 the reserve has become a National Park, one of only 5 National Parks in Estonia. The size of Matsalu National Park is about 48.000 hectares.


What are you expected to see there?

Matsalu is most known because of the rich birdlife. It is however also a good place for other aspects of nature. It also has a rich vegetation and you are able to see numerous species of dragonflies and butterflies. You can see this all in a very well preserved landscape.

Where to enjoy nature?

Matsalu National Park has several birdwatching towers and walking tracks.